Cello Testimonials

Congratulations on yet another fantastic cello!

Truls Mørk, soloist

I am very pleased to have a new cello made by Jacob von der Lippe. I was involved along the way in the building process and got answers to all my questions. The cello has fulfilled all the expectations I had for a new instrument, especially with regard to increased volume and a full bodied bass. I appreciate the personal service I got from a skilled and knowledgeable violin maker.

Anne Stine Dahl
Cellist and pedagogue, Drammen

Playing on a cello built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2017, Personal model

I have changed from an old and capricious instrument to a new and fresh one, not having regretted it even for a day this past year! From day to day, from week to week, Jacob's cello has got new nuances in addition to those that were there from the very beginning; a clear, warm tone, strength in the whole register and the ability to function well in orchestral and chamber music. I am looking forward to many good years with my instrument!

Kjersti Rydsaa
freelancer, Oslo
Playing on a cello built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2005, F. Ruggeri-model

The cello I bought from Jacob von der Lippe, is just the way I wanted; rich in overtones and a lot of bass. It suits my playing style well, and is a worthy successor to my old instrument that has followed me since student days. Jacob showed great interest in my preferences in pursuit of a new instrument, and when appropriate instrument was available, I got a nice phone. After the playing the cello, the choice was easy.

Henrik Silfverhielm
Sandane, Norway
Playing on a cello built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2003, Montagnana-modell