EILA meeting - Beijing, May 2017

As a member of The International Association of Violin and Bow Makers (EILA), I got the chance to travel to Beijing, China for the biannual congress. I came a few days earlier to see the city and the surroundings. A really fascinating place with a long history as you can see in the pictures below.

The last weekend, I met up with my lovely colleagues from all over the world. We focused on important matters for our trade and craft, especially the new CITES regulations. It is important to make our opinion count when they decide the future of different important woods like pernambuco, rosewood and ebony. We got som exciting news regarding the latest research on the "Messiah" Stradivari and the School of Venetian makers of the past. Besides the meetings, I really enjoyed the company and informal meetings over a nice Chinese meal with other violinmakers.

Thanks to Zheng Quan and his Chinese colleagues for organising this very special congress.

eila2017 - 1
Strolling the streets of Beijing

eila2017 - 2
The National Museum

eila2017 - 3
The Square of Heavenly Peace, a place with a very special story

eila2017 - 4
The famous Food Market

eila2017 - 5
Wangfujing Street

eila2017 - 6
The Forbidden City

eila2017 - 7
Commuting Beijing Style

eila2017 - 9
The Great Wall made a huge impression

eila2017 - 11eila2017 - 13
EILA members with spouses and partners

eila2017 - 14
Discussion with past EILA President Paul Schuback and Gregg Alf

eila2017 - 15
Examining a Chinese violin

eila2017 - 16
NCPA "The Egg"

eila2017 - 17
The Violinmaking School at the Beijing Conservatory

eila2017 - 18
Flying home