Online Masterclass

Photo by Per Tore Molvær

Jacob von der Lippe is committed to bring your knowledge to the next level. Do you have questions regarding your next instrument, or a specific request relating to materials, techniques or tools? The teaching will be performed via video on a one-to-one basis, one session will last 60 minutes. Being one of Norway's most prominent and acknowledged violinmakers, Jacob von der Lippe has been building instruments for musicians at home and abroad for many years from his workshop in Oslo since 2000. What do the musicans say about his instruments? Have a look around in the workshop or see how Jacob is making an instrument.

Jacobs philosophy when it comes to making instruments, is that we have to focus even more on the sound. For the past 10 years, he has been focusing exclusively on his own personal models.

These masterclasses are only available for violin making students, violin makers or people with similar woodworking background. Unfortunately, I am unable to help with varnish questions, it is too difficult to explain on video.

must fill in the form below in order to apply for a masterclass (the form might not display correctly on a phone/tablet).

The price is EUR 70 per hour. A bundle of 3 hours is available for EUR 180. The scope of these masterclasses is too offer you a very specific boost in certain areas where needed. A receipt on the payment will be sent to your e-mail once completed in PayPal. The video conference platform
Google Hangouts or JITSI will be used for the video masterclasses. Make sure that your computer/phone has a camera and microphone, and test that it works before the masterclass starts.

Online Masterclass with Jacob von der Lippe