Violin Testimonials

Thank you for the copy you have made of my Guiseppe Guarneri "del Gesú" 1742 (ex Lord Emhurst of Hackney/Tellefsen). Your copy is really a fabulous piece of work! Your violin has a tone with an ember glow and brilliance to it, as well as being round and rich. A combination, which I would think, is difficult to obtain. The instrument releases the tone very easily. But wishing to do so, one can dig much deeper, being greatly rewarded all along. Its appearance is pure delight. The varnish is beautiful, corresponding to the original in minutest detail. Heartfelt thanks for your excellent work, and all the best for your future instruments!

Arve Tellefsen, soloist
Oslo, Norway

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Jacob von der Lippe. As well as being an exceptionally nice person, he is also a most competent professional, whose opinions I fully trust. Being the owner of a D. Montagnana violin built in 1725, one carries the responsibility for a small part of European cultural inheritance. Taking care of such instruments is important, and I have completely trusted his judgements throughout. Jacob considers himself to be part of a larger team working with keeping this inheritance safe and alive. One of Jacob's best characteristics in this respect is that he shall not hesitate to consult other professionals if need be, also world leading experts. In addition to being outstanding when it comes to looking after, setting up and adjusting instruments, he is a first rate instrument builder as well. When I felt the need of getting an extra instrument some time ago, it was a matter of course asking Jacob to build it. The violin is most beautiful, as well as already being a very good instrument to play. The violin is an excellent supplement to my "old Italian lady" and I frequently use it at concerts.

Jan Bjøranger

I can warmly recommend Jacob von der Lippe's instruments! I bought my violin in 2002, immediately falling in love with its sweetness and warmth. I was especially intrigued by how easily played it was " in the middle register", it responds immediately and clearly, and it is very easy to articulate distinctly. I have used the violin in orchestras, in chamber musical contexts and as a soloist; in the orchestra the sound of the violin blends with the whole without any difficulty, and being used in a solo context, it easily fills a greater hall. The violin has prooved to be very uncomplicated in daily use, it has been a truthful friend in extreme heat and cold, in humid and dry surroundings, after flights... no matter what conditions, the violin has "been there" equally strong. The only initial difficulty worth while mentioning was that I had to experiment a little to find the right A-string for my violin, luckily today there is quite a variety to choose from. Also my first impression of the violin corresponds very well with what I think of it now after three years.

Astrid Kirschner, principal 2nd violin, The Norwegian National Opera, Oslo
Plays on a violin built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2002, A. Guarneri-model

With my von der Lippe violin I finally got a tool that worked with me and helped me in developing as a violinist. It was wonderful to discover all the possibilities of tonal variety and volume of my new companion. The violin projects sound in a way that fills the room without being perceived as strenuous. It has a rich and warm sound in all registers, while being easy to play and articulate. It blends well both in chamber music and orchestra playing. The process to have build my own violin is in itself very exciting, and felt entirely positive, thanks to Jacobs reliability and friendly service minded attitude.

Maren Elle, Norwegian Radio Orchestra
Plays on a violin built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2007, G. Guarneri del Gesu-model

I work as a freelance violinist in different orchestras, in addition to solo and chamber music, and have played my von der Lippe violin for six years. This violin has meant a lot for me as a professional musician. After over 30 years in the industry, I now have a instrument that answers 100% to my wishes and dreams. I simply love this violin and would not exchange it for anything. It has a very appealing sound: light, singing, lots of overtones, modular - it has both warmth and edge, and is even over the whole register. In addition, it's incredibly easy to play, always in a good mood, and is not changing with the weather. It articulates, resonates, and is easy to intonate. The audience and colleagues are telling me the same thing. The fact that the maker is doing the maintenance and adjustments, is to me a great bonus and security. His work is done with the greatest perfection and aesthetic sense, and the service is top. "

Mari Lerseth, Freelancer
Oslo, Norway
Plays on a violin built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2010, G. Guarneri del Gesu-model

I've been given the pleasure of using Jacob Von der Lippe's violin as a result of a prize winner at the 2010 Menuhin International Violin Competition in Oslo, Norway.  Using the Jacob von der lippe violin has been an extraordinary instrument that I've been able to help mature and further express my musical expressions to audiences throughout the globe with it's delicate yet clear sound   I've received countless compliments on the clarity and projection of this violin in huge halls-in quite a few cases, the violin has been mistaken for a true Guraneri del Gesu which is known for it's powerful projection.   I've been able to further develop and enhance my violin playing by discovering the violins depth and different sound qualities. I always feel that when I play on this violin, it is truly my voice, not the voice of a violin. Thank you so much again for allowing me to play on that wonderful violin!  I'm sad that I won't be playing on it any more, but at least I can say I started with it! I'm sure it will continue to develop and it will only get better!

Aaron-Timothy Chooi, Soloist

When I bought my violin in 2009, I had up until that date an instrument that did not respond to what I wanted. Suddenly, I got so many more opportunities to express what I wanted! The violin is incredibly rich in overtones and I remember that I practiced only Bach's solo sonatas and partitaer in the beginning because I was so inspired by the open sound. Since that I've played a wide repertoire and it is well suited to the whole violin repertoire. I especially like that it has big sound and projects well. Moreover, it has been very interesting to hear how the instrument developed and I look forward to the continuation!

Hilde Kolstad Huse, Freelancer
Oslo, Norway
Plays on a violin built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2009, G. Guarneri del Gesu-model

In the course of 13 years, my instrument has developed greatly. The sound has become greater as well as warmer, my violin gives me the possibility of a wide range of nuances in sound, and it is very easily played. Ever so often professors and students alike will ask me what instrument I am playing upon, as they like it so! Day by day I am steadily growing fonder of my instrument.

Lina Årnes, Freelancer and pedagogue
Oslo, Norway
Playing on a violin built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2000, Stradivari- model

My "Jacob von der Lippe" instrument has adjusted itself according to my personality, having a round pleasant sound. It easily fills any hall, great (f.ex. Oslo Konserthus) or small. In orchestral and chamber music contexts it blends well with the other instruments. I am very happy with my instrument.

Cecilie Husevåg, Violin teacher and freelancer, Oslo, Norway
Playing a violin built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2004, A. Guarneri-model

My Jacob von der Lippe- violin is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship where the details have been taken well care of. The instrument is very beautiful, easily played, and the sound is clear and warm. While still a brand new instrument the sound already was exceptionally even within the whole register. To play on this instrument is inspiring, also forwarding my development as a musician. Even if the instrument does not belong to those with the strongest and most penetrating sound, it holds out well as an instrument for chamber music as well as for soloistic performances. Other von der Lippe-violins that I have tried shares the same signs of quality, and the violinmaker's characteristics and image of sound are easily detectable.

Bjørn Erik Neerland, Oslo, Norway
Playing a violin built by Jacob von der Lippe in 2003, A. Guarneri-model