This viola made by Jacob von der Lippe in 2012 on a personal model is now available for sale. It is easy to play and well-articulated with a smooth and noble sound. The sound carries very well in chamber music and in larger rooms. The viola has many sound possibilities and room for variation, can sound soft and nice in orchestra, baroque in Bach, and intense in Bartok.

The viola is 41 cm long, and the vibrating string length is 36.9 cm. Pegs, string holder and chinrest are handmade in ebony with exquisite details in 24 carat gold and a 0.1 ct diamond in the string holder. Maintained regularly by Jacob von der Lippe. Sold with certificate. Played professionally since it was new.

The viola is now available for trial play.

There are many benefits to acquiring a new instrument; you characterize the sound with your own personality, the instrument is fresh and healthy, and you get follow-up throughout the instrument’s lifetime. This is easy to forget when buying a new instrument, but in the long run it is something my customers really appreciate. It’s like a long friendship between the instrument, the musician and me. 5 years of education from Cremona and 19 years of experience with my own workshop in Oslo with a focus on new making lays the foundation for the instruments I build.