I am pleased to be able to present a completely new collaboration with the renowned French bow maker Monique Poullot. Born in 1961 in Dijon, Monique’s education began in 1989 with a former student of Bernard Ouchard, and she graduated from the renowned archery school in Mirecourt. After 24 years with her mentor, she perfected her craft under Jean Marc Panhaleux, master archer, in Lille. During this time, Monique received valuable advice from a builder with global recognition, Stephane Thomachot, and further developed her skills.

Monique established her own workshop at the foot of Mont Blanc in 2012 where she has found the serenity required to successfully run her craft. The bows offered here are built by Monique, but have frogs made by another manufacturer. All bows are sold with a certificate from the bow maker.

Viola bow, Monique Poullot France Model, 2022, mounted in ebony/silver, Stamped “Monique Poullot France” 71 gr.

The bow has been sold to a student at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

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