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Having the right insurance for your instrument and bow is important, especially if something unforeseen should happen. I collaborate with Lark Music in the UK, they are widely used by musicians in Norway and the rest of the world. As one of the leading companies in this niche, they have 25 years of experience and are incredibly skilled in instrument insurance. They are usually a little cheaper than the Norwegian companies. You can get a quote with no obligation from them on their website before you decide.
I receive a small annual commission for my recommendation if you end up taking out insurance with Lark.

For a quick and non-binding offer from Lark Music, click here or on the banner below (opens in a new window). I only write insurance valuations for instruments I have built myself. If you need an insurance valuation, contact colleague Magnus Nedregård .

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I can highly recommend Jacob von der Lippe’s instruments! I bought my violin in 2002, and I immediately fell in love with its sweetness and warmth.

Astrid Kirschner, group leader 2nd violin, Opera Orchestra at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet

On later occasions I have compared the violin with the older Italian, where von der Lippe’s instrument carries better and stronger than the Italian, -in a blind test with several musicians present. I appreciate the bright shiny sound, at the same time as the instrument has impressive resistance, so it takes a lot before the sound cracks, which gives the strong sound.

Nils Thore Røsth, The Opera Orchestra at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet

The violin projects the sound in a way that fills the room without being perceived as strenuous. It has a rich and warm, rich sound in all registers, at the same time as it is easy to play and articulate. It mixes well both in chamber music and in orchestra. The process of building your own violin is in itself very exciting, and is experienced exclusively positively thanks to Jacob’s reliability and pleasant service attitude.

Maren Elle, The Broadcasting Orchestra

Your violin has a glow and shine in the tone that I really appreciate, and the tone is round and full at the same time.

Arve Tellefsen, Soloist

I simply love this violin and would not trade it for anything. It has a very appealing sound: light, singing, harmonic, modular – it has both heat and edge, and is evenly good in all registers. In addition, it is incredibly easy to play – always in a good mood, and is not weather-sick.

Mari Lerseth, Freelance violinist
The violin is incredibly easy to play and easy to articulate and has a smooth, full sound throughout the register.
Sidsel Scheen, Freelance violinist

The violin is incredibly rich in overtones and I remember that I only rehearsed Bach’s solo sonatas and scores the first time because I was so inspired by the open sound.

Hilde Kolstad Huse, Freelance violinist

Over the course of 20 years, my instrument has evolved a lot. The sound has become both bigger and warmer, my violin allows for a wide range of tonal shades, and it is very easy to play.

Lina Marie Årnes, Freelance violinist and educator

My “Jacob von der Lippe” instrument has shaped itself well to my personality, with a round pleasant tone. It easily fills various concert halls, be it the large ones (eg Oslo Concert Hall) or the small ones.

Cecilie Husevåg, Educator

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I have extensive experience with musicians at all levels. Whether you are a music student, freelancer, orchestra musician or soloist, I understand and listen to your wishes. You can always borrow with instruments and bows on home loans up to two weeks, insurance is taken care of.