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My instruments are played daily by musicians in, among others, the Norwegian Opera & Ballet, the Broadcasting Orchestra, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, and students at most music institutions in Norway. In addition to many freelancers and educators throughout the country. A cello and a violin have been purchased by Dextra Musica, and are lent to music students at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Helgelandsfondet has bought a violin that is lent to local talents.

Jacob has made a viola for me that meets all my expectations.

Christine Seyferth, Viola, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

When I ordered a viola by Jacob in 2009, I tried to explain the sound I wanted. When I got to try the viola in February 2011, I was very surprised. The instrument was simply the way I had hoped for: a warm, round sound with a good core in the lower register, the A-string is clear and bright without being sharp, it has a very homogenous sound across the strings and between positions. Moreover, the viola is very easy to play, and there is always “something more to get.” Jacob has made me a viola that meets all my expectations.

Instruments and bows for sale

take your musical joy to a new level

Over 60 musicians at home and abroad are today very happy owners of their von der Lippe instruments. There are many benefits to acquiring a new instrument; you characterize the sound with your own personality, the instrument is fresh and healthy, and you get follow-up throughout the instrument’s lifetime. This is easy to forget when buying a new instrument, but in the long run it is something my customers really appreciate. It’s like a long friendship between the instrument, the musician and me.