Bows from Schaeffer’s workshop in Aracruz, Brazil

The Schaeffer bows and bows stamped Jean de Smet are made in Brazil, from well-stored certified pernambuco tree. The bow makers are highly qualified and work under good working conditions and have good wages. The Schaeffer family has a state approval for the wood, production and export of their bows. From each bow, one Euro goes to Schaeffer’s private pernambuco replanting project. A branded tulip on the log symbolizes a guarantee of sustainable bow production with respect for people and nature. Take the time to see the pictures below on this page!

A wide range of bows is available for testing at any time. The bows can be sent all over Norway for non-binding trial. Prices are incl. 25% VAT.

Schaeffer do Brasil

Bows mounted in ebony and nickel

Violin 9.000
Viola 9.600
Cello 11.000

Jean de Smet

Bows mounted in ebony and silver,
from selected pernambuco.

Violin 15.500
Viola 16.300
Cello 18.000

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