Cellobue, Atelier P. Camurat 2014

For sale on comission:

A beautiful French cello bow from the renowned bow maker Pascal Camurat (Montpellier). Pascal has extensive experience and several awards in competitions. I have sold many of these cello bows to musicians throughout Norway in recent years. It is marked “Atelier” since he makes the stick, which after all is the most important for the sound, but buys the frog ready made from another manufacturer. This is how the price is kept down, but the quality is first class.

Cellobue, Atelier P. Camurat 80 grams, mounted in ebony / silver, Stamped “ATELIER P. CAMURAT”. Made in 2014 and appears in very good condition. The bow can be sent all over Norway for non-binding rehearsal. Sold with a certificate from the bow maker. The cello bow has just got a rehair from Mette Mari Vea.

This beautiful cello bow pictured below, is made by French bow maker Pascal Camurat. It’s stamped “ATELIER P. CAMURAT” which means that Pascal made the stick, but the frog was fitted from another supplier. The result is a great playing bow at a very competitive price. Mounted in silver / ebony, the weight is 80 grams. Sold with a certificate from the maker.

Get in touch by e-mail or call / sms 90019140 to make an appointment for a non-binding trial. The bow can also be sent all over Norway, so you can try it at home in peace and quiet for up to two weeks.

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