Violin ・ Oslo, 2019

jacob von der lippe
copy of tellefsens guarneri

No rule without exception. For the past eleven years, I have focused on my own personal models. But when the Norwegian violin legend Arve Tellefsen asked me again this summer to make a copy of his “Tellefsen” del Gesú from 1742, it was difficult to say no. I made a copy of this special violin for him in 2002, but this time he said, “Make it look like my del Gesú, but sound like a von der Lippe.”

It is an honor to make this violin for a Norwegian violin legend.

“Jacob von der Lippe has, at my request, made a copy of the instrument I have owned since 1970; a violin made by the Italian violin maker Joseph Guarneri del Gesú in 1742 in Cremona. Guarneri del Gesú is one of the very best of all time. violin makers, yes there are many who believe that he surpasses all. Jacob von der Lippe has managed to make a copy of very good quality. There is naturally a fresher and more modern sound in the copy, partly because the tree but he has succeeded in creating a breeding ground for a sound rich in overtones in both weak and strong shades. And although the sound will always be the most important for the performer, Jacob von der Lippe has also created a beautiful violin that is strikingly similar to the original. “

Arve Tellefsen, Soloist

La oss snakke.

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