Violin made by William Szott – Manchester 2023

The talented violin maker William Szott from England was on a working stay in my workshop a while back. After he returned to his own workshop, we have continued to work together. It has resulted in him building five violins on my own personal “von der Lippe” model, and all are played daily by delighted Norwegian musicians and music students.

The sixth violin is now ready to be presented in Norway. It is interesting to see how Williams’ personality shines through in this violin, which he has also varnished with his self-composed oil varnish. The violin is set up with Evah Pirazzi strings, and has a beautiful tone. This is the instrument for those who want the taste of a von der Lippe violin, but at an affordable price. You can watch a YouTube video of another W. Szott violin at the bottom of this page.

The violin was sold to a local violin talent in Bergen, a few weeks after it arrived in Norway.

From Ungdommens Musikkmesterskap 2021

Violin: Torje Gunvaldsen Råbu, plays his violin built by W. Szott in Oslo, 2018.

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