Cello made by Jacob von der Lippe – Oslo, 2024


The cello is built on my personal model, which gives a powerful, overtone-rich and projecting sound. After 15 years of natural drying, I picked from my wood stock a lovely flamed maple back with matching ribs and neck. The top is shaped from premium air-dried Italian Alpine spruce. The fingerboard is made from a sustainable alternative to ebony, Corene. The endpin is made of titanium, which ensures optimal transmission of the frequencies to the floor.

The undersigned has varnished the cello with my own oil varnish. The strings are carefully selected and tested; Spirocore Wolfram C+G and Larsen Magnacore Arioso A+D which are adjustable easily with Knelling Planetary tuning pegs. Forget pegs that lose their grip or slip. That time is over. Feel free to click through the pictures below to see more of the cello and read below what the musicians say about their cellos I have built in the past.

The cello is now available for trials. Feel free to get in touch jacob@vonderlippe.com or call/sms +47 900 19 140.

What do the musicians say about their von der Lippe cellos?

The cello has a volume that easily fills everything from church rooms and concert halls to auditoriums and gymnasiums. The sound is big and “crispy” throughout the register. I really like the opportunity the instrument gives to be able to give the sound different intensity, color and nuances. It’s wonderful to come to work with an instrument that responds as you want and I feel that the cello gives out what I put in; be it warmth, intensity or tonal nuances. The fingers run easily over the strings and the bow gives an immediate response, you don’t have to wait for the resonance when you start the bow. It actually applies to the entire register from the deepest bass tones on the C string to the brightest on the A.

Jacob is very welcoming, pleasant and service minded. He always meets you with a smile and a good cup of coffee in his workshop. It feels very reassuring to buy an instrument where, in the completion of the cello, you can have a say in how you want the instrument to function in everyday concert life. Jacob is also good at following up with both cello and cellist and is more than happy to answer questions. The cello meets all my musical needs and can be warmly recommended.”

Werner Bryn

Cellist, Bergen


Cellist, Sinfonia Lahti

“Playing the first notes was an incredibly positive surprise for me. I was really speechless, the whole cello resonated a lot and the sound was very powerful and open. I had never experienced that with a newly made cello, and this cello was brand new, Jacob had finished it the night before. The cello responds quickly and has a lot of power when needed. The sound is very even from the low C to the highest positions on the A string. It is a great everyday pleasure to be able to play this lovely and extremely beautiful cello.”


Ilkka Uurtimo

Cello – Sinfonia Lahti, Finland

Photo: Veikko Kähkönen

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