Offered on commission: Viola with label “Marcelo Nicoli, fatto sotto la guida di E. Russ, 2004”. Made in Cremona under the guidance of master violin maker Edgar Russ. The top is Italian Alpine Spruce and it has a beautiful one-piece European Flamed Maple back. The viola was sold new in my workshop, and has been regularly looked after here. Recently services by myself, and set up with a new set of Evah Pirazzi Gold strings. The viola is in very good condition. A certificate with photos and a description of the viola is included.

The current owner says about the sound: “The viola is easy to play across the entire register, has a warm and round sound on the c string and projects well on the a string. It is an instrument that is appealing to play from the start, but also offers the opportunity to develop a refined viola sound”. The viola is 41 cm long, and the vibrating string length is 37.3 cm.

The viola has been sold to a very satisfied amateur musician.

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