Violin made by Vik Vandamme – Roeselare 2022

Guarneri “filius Andrea” 1705 model

It is again with great pleasure that I present my collaboration with the talented Belgian violin maker Vik Vandamme. He worked in my workshop in 2019, and during last year he built this beautiful violin.

It is nice to see how Vik’s personal style comes through in this violin, which he has also varnished with his own oil varnish. The violin is set up with Thomastik Rondo strings and Wittner tuning screws. These tuning pegs have built-in gearing, which means that you can tune the violin easily with two fingers (see picture below). Rich and full tone. The violin is insured and can be tried at home for up to two weeks.

Get in touch on 90019140 or if you want to try the violin.

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